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Certified translation

Certified translation

Certified translation is a special form of translation of the original text performed by a court interpreter, which has the status of an official document.

A court interpreter is a translator appointed by the president of the county or the commercial court who, with their stamp and signature, guarantees that the translation is faithful to the original.  For a translation of a specific document or text to be certified, it is necessary that the translator also be a court interpreter.

If you need a translation in the process of exercising rights in any proceedings before government bodies, courts and public notaries, the translation must be certified. Only a certified translation has the probative force of an official document. 

A certified translation consists of the translation of the original text and confirmation that guarantees the faithfulness of the translated text to the original. Each certified translation must be bound to the original document or a copy of the document. 

  • Certified translations are accepted in almost the entire European Union.


INTERPRETA’s team of court interpreters will prepare certified translations of superior quality with maximum confidentiality. The duration of preparing a certified translation depends on the amount and type of the text and the language being translated.

If you need a certified translation, please send an inquiry and consult with our office manager. A specific analysis is performed for each text, and the client is contacted to ensure the necessary content, terminology and stylistic quality of the text in relation to the original. After a free analysis of the document, you will receive an offer in the shortest possible time.



Certified translation of personal documents

  • marriage certificate
  • birth certificate
  • death certificate
  • certificate of citizenship
  • certificate of residence
  • certificate of temporary residence
  • work permit
  • employment record book
  • certificate of no criminal record
  • driving licence
  • certificate of income
  • certificate of the bank account balance
  • school certificate
  • transcript of records
  • university degree
  • certified translation of other personal

Certified translation of company documents

  • Articles of Association
  • invoices
  • certificates
  • contract on the sale of goods and services
  • patent documents
  • tender documents
  • excerpt from the court register
  • financial statements
  • balance sheet
  • audit report
  • association and company agreement
  • documentation
  • written declaration
  • CMR
  • technical documentation
  • other documentation

Certified translation of technical documentation

  • certificate of product quality testing
  • attestation
  • bill of quantities
  • budget
  • certificate of the product technical specification
  • certified translation of other technical documentation

Certified translation of legal documentation

  • decisions
  • court judgments
  • minutes
  • rulings
  • contracts
  • apostilles
  • notary public certificates
  • certified translation of other legal documentation

Certified translation of medical and pharmaceutical documentation

  • specification of pharmaceutical products
  • medical research
  • psychological test results
  • laboratory analysis
  • diagnoses
  • medical records
  • health statistics report
  • certified translation of other documentation